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G-Force. Training makes all the difference.

Effective security is critical to providing a safe environment for you and the people around you. But all too often, security personnel aren't properly trained. Many of them come and go in the industry; they're not professional, and are sometimes unkempt or downright unfriendly. That's why you should rely on G-Force.

We Know Our Guards Are The Best. Because We Train Them Ourselves.

At G-Force, we provide comprehensive security services, including both armed and unarmed guards. But there's another dimension to what we do. It's called the G-Force Training Academy, and it provides in-depth training to candidates who are committed to the profession.

Not everybody makes the cut. They have to be dedicated, personable, well-groomed and professional. And once we find them, we give them all the tools they need to succeed. Our
12-step course provides intensive training on everything from client management skills to conflict resolution to security breach strategies. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing your premises are safe and secure, under the watchful eye of professionals who are a pleasure to be around.


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